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I'm a career coach and counselor. I help people navigate career changes. My work is focused on career development, recruiting and hiring, and connecting underrepresented people in tech to resources, ideas, and opportunities to help them achieve their career goals, all through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.



Areas of Expertise

  • Career Coaching- job search strategy, personal branding, resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, goal setting, and accountability

  • Career Counseling- building a roadmap that identifies your skills, interests, values, and personality to more effectively tell your story, and understanding your internal and external barriers to combat imposter syndrome and burnout

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching- developing emotional intelligence, speaking to career accomplishments, polishing communication style, and how to manage up

  • Negotiation Coaching- getting what you deserve with salary negotiation for reviews and offers, especially if you're an underrepresented person

  • Breaking Into Tech- if you completed a coding bootcamp and/or have a non-traditional background, you need to know how to work around the gatekeepers

  • Equity, Inclusion & Diversity- as someone with experience recruiting and managing people, my coaching and counseling work is always executed through the lens of respecting people and valuing their unique experiences


Contact Me


I look forward to hearing more about what you're wanting to work on. Share a bit of context and I'll follow up to set up next steps, or set up a free consultation here.


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"A few months after returning from maternity leave, I found myself at a career crossroads. I was in the process of interviewing at a new company and felt overwhelmed by everything. Enter Wendy. She helped me prioritize my career goals and navigate my decision to leave my current role. She also coached me through my job negotiation with the new company, and gave me advice on how to ask for flexibility in my schedule as a working parent. I came away from our coaching sessions with more clarity and confidence. I highly recommend working with Wendy -- she is incredibly insightful and gives really tactical advice. Ultimately, she taught me how to advocate for myself, which has been so valuable!"

-  Hannah Levy, Founder + Editor, The Rebis

"I worked with Wendy during the pivotal early months of my career transition; her support was invaluable in that time. I began my career pivot confident that I brought valuable skills from my previous career, but at times found it difficult a pitch to land in an industry trained to prize more traditional credentials. Wendy kept me on track; she helped structure my story and my search, both through meetup workshops and one on one meetings."

-  Kristen Borges, Software Engineer

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